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The truth about so-called nutrition bars and protein bars

Let's face it. Protein bars are just candy bars presented in a format that makes people feel better about eating them. But that isn’t stopping millions of people from eating them.

The idea of a convenient yet healthy food is a great one. The reality is a very different thing however. All it takes is one look at the label of your favorite bar and you’ll see that it’s candy, plain and simple. Not even disguised very well. Every single bar on the market is loaded with sugar, carbs and or sugar alcohols. Regardless of what they call it, it will still make you fat and damage your health. Sugar, agave syrup, brown rice syrup, maltodextrin, etc. The number of names used can be dizzying.

And sugar alcohols are not only no better they’re actually worse. The only reason sugar alcohols are used at all in protein bars is to hide the actual carbohydrate content. They don’t sweeten as well as sugar and they give people gastrointestinal distress.

And very few people even realize that sugar alcohols actually contain MORE calories than the very carbohydrates they are intended to replace! Even their supposed lower impact on insulin levels is in question so there’s no reason whatsoever that they should be in any protein bar. People eat them and then wonder why they don’t get any leaner.

And the protein that most companies use is very low-grade in order to keep costs down. An unfortunate reality is that the cheaper the bar, the more likely it is that the grade of protein being used is LOW. That’s why so many companies turn to gelatin and soy proteins because they are dirt cheap compared to other high-grade proteins. Hydrolyzed collagen protein, or gelatin as it is more commonly known as is just that the same stuff used in those jiggly gelatin desserts that we loved as children.

Hydrolyzed collagen protein is made mostly from pork and beef skins, bones and hides. These inedible connective tissues and bones then need to be processed in caustic chemical baths in order to separate out the collagen. It is a low grade protein that does not even contain a complete spectrum of amino acids and is used only to fool consumers.

Soy protein is only a little better. It’s cheap but low grade as well. It’s clear that males should not be eating soy protein as it’s loaded with estrogenic compounds that can wreak havoc with male hormones. That is why it was taken off the market when used in infant formula in Europe. Additionally, it has been implicated in damaging thyroid hormone levels in both males and females. While the data is not as clear on this issue, no one should be eating soy. The only reason it’s pushed so much as a health food is because the American agriculture industry is heavily subsidized on soy production so it’s cheap an plentiful. Humans have only been able to eat soy very recently as it takes A LOT of processing to make it edible.?

The best proteins to look for in a protein bar are: whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate and casein. They also happen to be the most expensive proteins for companies to use so don?t be surprised if your favorite bars have little, if any.

In all fairness, making a bar that is truly nutritious, with only the highest quality proteins and with very few carbohydrates while still having it taste good is an enormous challenge. It took the Quest Nutrition team many years to pull it off and even then, only after the largest nutrition bar manufacturing consultants all tried to convince us that compromises had to be made. It's truly a unique product in the nutrition bar industry.

The raw materials that go into the Quest Bar are so expensive that they can only be sold directly online, as there is no way they could ever be sold in stores and still be affordably priced with the markups retail locations require to put a product on the shelf.

Try one today and you'll see why it's creating such a stir. It's truly the best tasting and most nutritious protein bar on the market. If you don't agree, we'll give you 110% of your money back.
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