Quest Bar is the protein bar of choice for just about every group you can imagine. We get orders from all over the world from athletes, dieters, bodybuilders, gymnasts, diabetics, yoga enthusiasts, trainers, triathletes, teachers, parents, zoologists, business professionals, and more. Quest Bars are enjoyed by all types and formulated with the perfect nutrition profile to help you achieve your goals. Here's a look at some of the users of Quest Bars and their comments:
"I use Quest Bars all the time - even when I'm getting ready for a competition because they let me get in quality proteins without the carbs. They have made a HUGE difference for me - allowing me to get and STAY lean without all of the hard work I used to have to do. No matter how many I seem to eat, I still look forward to them more than just about any meal. I have them in my car, desk and purse so I am never in a position of being unable to get in a nutritious meal."

One of three men to beat Arnold Schwarzenegger in competition.

"I've been a natural bodybuilder for over fifty years.
Nutrition has always been the biggest secret to my success and I've always eat a higher protein lower carbohydrate diet.I've never eaten any other protein bars regularly before Quest because they are all filled with carbs and other undesirable ingredients if your goal is to get into and stay in great shape. The first thing I tell people when they want to improve their body is to focus on the FOOD they put into their mouths. I have never recommended a protein bar before and the only reason I do with Quest is that they really are food - not junk. I eat all of the foods regularly that Quest uses to make their bars. The best thing is that finally being able to eat bars has made it even easier for me to eat without any hassles. I have gotten significantly leaner since I have started using them and it has reduced the a mount of effort it takes to get in a good meal. I go through a box or more per week. I use them all the way through my preparations for photo shoots. Quest Protein Bars are so unique that they're first thing that I have significantly changed in my diet in about 53 years."

"Quest Bars are an integral part of my routine, both in my day-to-day life and when I am prepping for competitions or shoots. My life is hectic-I work long hours and have little time to prepare my food-but eating clean is extremely important to me. I have three requirements for my diet: get a lot of protein, stay full all day long, and the food has to taste good! Quest Bars are unlike anything else out there. They satisfy my sweet tooth while providing the protein I need. QuestBars keep me satisfied for hours so I can concentrate on my hectic career and busy life while staying shoot-ready all year round!"

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"I had never used bars as part of my meal plan, or ever recommended them to others. Too much sugar, too many carbs, and so many junk ingredients. Then I discovered Quest Bars. I eat them everyday and they have made my life so much easier!"

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Quest Bars are simply amazing in their quality, formulation, taste, flavor and nutritional ingredients! I am excited to have found a bar like Quest that I can easily incorporate into my daily meals and my clients menus!
"I have been in the fitness industry for over 27 years and always eat clean, healthy foods. I never ate protein bars because they contained too much sugar and carbs. I am on the go everyday and eat 5 to 6 small meals. That's a lot of work to prepare! When I saw the Quest bars and read the ingredients I was sold! I now carry them with me and can eat them everywhere. My clients love them as well. Now when anyone asks "what's a good protein bar?” I can Honestly say QUEST!!

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The quality of your food plays a significant role in your health. Knowing this, I never ate protein bars. Then I discovered Quest and quickly fell in love. There truly is nothing out there this good for you and this delicious! I eat QuestBars everyday and include them in all of my clients menues.

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Derek Trombetta
Professional Firefighter & Fitness Coach
I lead a VERY active and on-the-go lifestyle. It was impossible to find a high protein low carb bar that didn't have additives (like sugar alcohol)... until Quest Bars came along! It is common for me to get a 911 call during meal time. It fast, easy, and healthy to eat a Quest Bar in the back of the Fire Truck on the way to the emergency! I include them in all of my clients eating plans as well as my own, they are VERY effective, and are like having a treat at the same time! If you are looking for a Healthy, Fast, Nutritious, and Delicious meal, then Quest Bars are what you have been waiting for!

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I have always handled every aspect of nutrition, training, supplementation, off-season and contest preparation on my own. My favorite part of this lifestyle is figuring out what works for my body and experimenting through trial and error. When I found QuestBars I knew there was finally a bar that I could eat. They are REAL food, not junk candy. And I eat them all the way up to contest day!
I've never endorsed a protein "bar" as being something I would eat myself or recommend t others. Quest bars are the first of its kind and the most PERFECT bar ever produced. I encourage everyone to try them. They taste great!
My pasion in life is healthy living, so I never thought twice about protein bars. They are all just junk sprinkled with protein. Then I discovered QuestBars and they truly are a game changer.
Mark Domme
NPC Competitor
Mark is a 45 year old husband and father of 3. He has been competing as a bodybuilder for 5 years in the Open Middleweight and Masters 40-49 classes. "I have always been told you have to eliminate bars if you want to get into contest shape. That used to be true, but I used QuestBars extensively during prep for the NPC Texas Shredder. Not only did they keep me lean and taste delicious, but I was the 2011 NPC Texas State Natural Overall Champion!"

I am an IFBB Figure Pro athlete, co-owner of a bodybuilding team, and beauty image consultant; with each endeavor enabling me to meet people with health and fitness lifestyle goals. Quest bars are staple items in my pantry! The delicious bars are my daily snack treats - satisfying sweet cravings without the caloric and negative nutritional damage of common snack foods. I'm not the only one snacking on Quest Bars, my office now has Quest Bars in our vending machines to give employees healthier alternatives to candy bars!

I've always used certain types of supplements for convenience purposes to ensure my body receives all the nutrients it needs to maintain my physique. Now that I've gone from "Fit2Fat"; and am on the road back "2Fit" I have become more aware and conscious about what kind of supplements (such as protein bars) I put into my body. After researching many brands and trying out dozens of bars I came across Quest Bars. It's difficult to find a protein bar with the right amount of protein, low in sugar, but also has fiber (to keep you fuller, longer)... AND that didn't taste like chalk! I was shocked at how great Quest Bars taste and how they have all the proper nutrients and ingredients I was looking for. I knew I found a "winner" when my picky wife (who didn't like almost any protein bars) ate over half the box!

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