ALLULOSE IN A NUTSHELL It tastes like sugar, it bakes like sugar, it has the same texture and mouthfeel of sugar.

WHY USE A NEW SWEETENER? There's no point in making nutritious foods if they aren't also delicious. We're constantly looking for new tools to help us make foods that feel like indulging even though they have a clean nutritional profile.

Where does Allulose
come from?
Allulose occurs in small quantities in nature, in things like maple syrup, figs, and raisins. It's only recently become available for use by food companies.

How many calories does Allulose have? Allulose only contributes 0.4 Calories per gram instead of the 4.0 Calories per gram contributed by table sugar. That's 1/10th the calories!

Recent FDA Ruling Quest Hero Bars launched in 2017 and, at that time, the FDA required allulose to be labeled as a regular sugar. Per a recent ruling, the FDA no longer classifies allulose as a sugar. Quest Hero Bar packaging has been updated to reflect the new ruling, resulting in a significant reduction in sugar from 12g-13g to 1g per bar.