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Quest Squad Member Highlight – Ashley Smolinski

Professional Bodybuilder Ashley Smolinski Shares her Love for Quest and How She Stays Motivated All Year Long

Quest Squad Member Highlight – Ashley Smolinski

For our next “Meet the #QuestSquad” member highlight, a blog series where we share how Quest helps fuel Quest Squad members on their journeys, meet Ashley Smolinski, professional bodybuilder, “fur momma” and home baker.

When we asked her about the first time she tried a Quest product, she said, “My first Quest product was the S'mores protein bar. I liked the flavor and texture of the bars and how it wasn't chalky like other protein bars I had tried. It is still one of my favorite OG flavors to this day!”

Her faves include: Salted Caramel ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shakes, Cheese Crackers Cheddar Blast and the Cookies n Cream Protein Bar. She notes that her “faves” cycle depending on the day, her workout routine and meal plan. She also shared her own Quest hack, “My favorite recipe is to make homemade iced caramel macchiatos. I pour two shots of espresso over ice and then pour in the Quest Salted Protein Shake, give it a light stir, and drink. It is so good!”

As for how Quest supports Ashley on her fitness journey, she said, “Quest has supported me on my fitness & health lifestyle journey by offering a wide variety of products that can support me in any phase. I am a competitive bodybuilder so whether I am in my building phase, maintaining phase, or cutting phase I can always fit their products into my nutrition. The macros for the protein shakes are amazing and their candy bars and chips are macro friendly , especially the net carbs, those make all the difference.”

Ashley’s Quest Squad Story

Ashley has been a Quest Squad member since 2019. Happy 5 year Quest-iversary, Ashley! When we asked why she joined, she said, “When I learned I could join a group of like-minded "Questies" who also wanted to share their love of the products with others, I wanted to meet them. Quest has something for everyone no matter what health and fitness journey you're on. Also, I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something new!”

She shared how the Quest community keeps her in-the-know with one of the employees at her local supplement store. “He knows I am a Quest Squad member so we will talk about testing new products and he will let us know when the new products will be in. It's fun to connect with others over products I enjoy!” That’s how you get the inside scoop on Quest, folks!

Her friends have also joined Quest Squad after seeing all the fun Quest missions Ashley participated in. She loves it when the community reaches out and ask for her recommendations on Quest products. “It's a really fun and positive community! I love sharing what I enjoy with others.”

How Ashley Stays Motivated as a Competitive Bodybuilder

Since being a competitive bodybuilder is a year-round mission, we had to get her tips on what keeps her motivated in between competitions. She said, “To stay motivated throughout the year, whether it's building muscles or cutting to get ready for the stage, I have to make choices each day that will push me towards my goal.” She explains that she has to make conscious choices to make progress. “It is not easy by any means, but willpower and determination are muscles that need to be worked.”

To stay motivated, she recommends making a plan and focusing on daily wins. “Eventually, those daily wins will turn into weeks, then months, and so on. You'll look back and realize how far you've come!”

Ashley also shared a hard truth that we all must embrace: “The last thing you need to acknowledge is that YOU WILL FAIL and THAT IS OKAY!! Nobody is perfect. If you think you won't fail, one small mistake (e.g., food, missing a workout) can derail you, but we all need to accept failure so we can move on and continue to make progress.”

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