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Quest Squad Member Highlight - Katie Okeley

How Questie Katie Okeley is setting an example for her daughters with her “I motivate me” mantra

Quest Squad Member Highlight - Katie Okeley

For our next “Meet the #QuestSquad” member highlight, a blog series where we share how Quest helps fuel Quest Squad members on their journeys, meet Katie Okeley, a proud girl mom and fitness trainer. 

We asked Katie what her first Quest encounter was and she said, “My first Quest product was the Chocolate Chip Protein Cookie. I couldn't believe my taste buds. I've always said Quest is food magic, because of how delicious and macro focused it is. I was hooked from the first bite.” Her current top 3 are Quest Cheese Crackers, Peanut Butter Cups and Chocolatey Coated Peanut Candies.

As to why she continues keeping Quest in her rotation, she explained, “When I first began my fitness journey, I was living a low carb lifestyle. Quest provided me with snacks and goodies that helped meet macro goals. Even now, not being low carb anymore, Quest provides protein forward snacks that often taste better than the ‘other stuff.’”

Katie’s Quest Squad Story (Spoiler Alert: There’s a Questie Bestie in her life!)

Katie joined Quest Squad in Spring of 2021 with a proper Questie initiation post: she wore a yellow gym outfit and brought her matching Quest Lemon Cake Protein Bar. Of course we had to reach out and comment on her post!

When we asked why she joined, she said, “I joined Quest Squad for two reasons: I absolutely LOVE their product. I also respect their mission. They support healthy lifestyles, but also provide good quality nutrition without compromising taste.”

Her favorite Quest Squad memory was completing her first Questie Mission. She shared, “My two daughters helped me create a Quest treasure map and we hid Quest products in the house for me to find. It was a super cute and fun video to make!”

Since joining, she found a “Questie Bestie” that lives nearby and they connect often. They recently completed a Quest Mission together. “It's a lot of fun having like-minded friends that can enjoy the same things as me,” said Katie.

Katie’s POV on Motivation vs. Determination

When we asked Katie for tips on staying motivated, she shared her unconventional wisdom: “My number one tip to stay motivated would be to STOP relying on motivation to hit your goals.” She believes many routine gym goers are not “sitting on a treasure chest of motivation.” Instead, they are disciplined and will go to the gym regardless of how much motivation they have that day. Why? They understand the Return on Investment (ROI) or benefits of “waking up and grinding every day.”

As for herself, she shared her evolving thought process throughout the years. At first, motivation stemmed from progress. She was “addicted” to hitting goals and watching her body change. She hated missing a workout and worked hard to make it a rare occasion. Today, she is a little more lenient on herself as she realized there’s growth in rest, too.

“I am a disciplined creature by nature, so it isn't difficult for me to stay on task. I have goals, I have an understanding of what it's going to take to hit those goals, and I'm not willing to sacrifice them for anything.” She explains that it’s not just about her anymore. She is now focused on setting an example for her two daughters and hopefully a lot of other women and Questies as well.

Katie, consider this mission accomplished: we are so inspired by your journey over here on Team Quest! We’ll continue to keep cheering you on for all future Missions.

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