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Always a Work in Progress

The life of a runner is constantly moving. As an ultra runner, Jacob is constantly pushing his body to the physical limits. He needs the right nutrition to keep him on his feet.

Hands on knees, grinding it out but embracing every moment kind of morning 😎

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My @questnutrition protein powder was getting low so I headed over to @vitaminshoppe and picked up an old favorite. Chocolate is one of those flavors that goes with almost everything and it’s a nice treat after a hard workout.


One day, I’m the exception Most days, I’m just like most Some days, I’m headed in the right direction And some days, I ain’t even close ~Burning Man by Dierks Bentley. Even time I hear that verse I think about how peculiar it is to live the life of an ultra runner. We push our bodies to do unimaginable things one day and then go back to the day grind, like most people, the next. Almost as if we’re living two different lives. But I really wouldn’t want it any other way

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