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Being An Educator is Being a Role Model

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Being An Educator is Being a Role Model

When I first became an educator, I had no idea of how many different hats that I would be expected to wear, and the various roles I will be filling as a teacher for my students. For so many students: teachers are so much more than just teachers, and it is something that I have grown to value and cherish. I honestly do not think many people realize that teachers do so much more than “just teach,” and that students depend on their teachers and schools for so much more than just an education.

Throughout my 20 years as a teacher, I have had the pleasure of being a mentor and a role model for my students, and someone who supports them both inside and outside of my classroom– like so many teachers do. I have supported families while going through difficult times, and counsel students who are struggling with their physical and mental health. Though I teach History, which I am very good at, I have found that teaching is secondary if students don’t feel a connection to their teacher or know that their teacher cares about them outside of school.

From training with students at the gym after school, to being the Godfather of the first born of a former student, I have been fortunate to see my students grow up into successful and happy individuals, and to know that I may have played a part in their lives is truly what matters the most to educators. I honestly believe that what brings teachers the most joy is seeing our students succeed in school, but more importantly in life.

As you read this, I am certain that you are thinking about a former teacher who impacted you in a positive way, or who went out of their way to help you at a point in your life, and my only request is to let them know. If you haven’t reached out to them, whether it was 5 or 20 years ago, please do so– it will mean more to them than you can ever imagine.