Quest Products and Diets for People with Diabetes

At Quest we believe the foods you crave should work for you, not against you. That’s why every one of our foods and snacks has 10g-30g of protein, 1-3g of sugar, and 1-9g net carbs per serving. This is important for supporting the nutritious diets of consumers with diabetes because it allows them the opportunity to enjoy sweet snacks without the typical compromises.

Quest Protein Bars

Craveable protein bars with 2g of sugar or less.

  • 20-21g Protein*
  • 4-5g Net Carbs*
  • ≤2g Sugar*
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Quest Protein Chips

Savory cravings with 4g net carbs per bag.

  • 18-20g Protein*
  • 4g Net Carbs*
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Quest Protein Cookies

Sweet cookies with 3g of sugar or less

  • 15-16g Protein*
  • 4-9g Net Carbs*
  • ≤3g Sugar*
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Quest Snack Bars

Sweet & salty snacks with 2g of sugar or less.

  • 10g Protein*
  • 5g Net Carbs*
  • 1-2g Sugar*
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Quest Protein Shakes

Naturally sweetened shakes with 1g of sugar.

  • 30g Protein*
  • 3-4g Net Carbs*
  • 1g Sugar*
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Quest Peanut Butter Cups

Satisfy your sweet tooth with less than 1g of sugar.

  • 11g Protein*
  • 1g Net Carbs*
  • ≤1g Sugar*

*See nutrition information for calories, total and saturated fat content.

Sweet Without All the Sugar

Quest Protein Bars, Hero Protein Bars, Cookies and Snack Bars use sweeteners like erythritol and stevia, which help avoid blood sugar spikes and contribute either zero-calories or very few calories to our products. That means everyone, regardless of sugar restrictions, can enjoy a sweet snack with Quest.

Stevia Sweeteners

A zero-calorie sweetener derived from the plant Stevia rebaudiana. Does not metabolize in the body and does not spike blood sugar.


A zero-calorie sugar alcohol that occurs in nature in small amounts and is made through fermentation. Does not metabolize in the body and does not spike blood sugar.


A low-calorie sweetener with 1/10th the calories of table sugar. Used in Quest Hero Bars and occurs naturally in certain foods like figs and raisins.


A zero-calorie artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. Up to 600 times the sweetness of table sugar, so used in very low quantities in Quest products.

Our Metabolic Truth

Quest creates snacks and foods with 10g-30g of protein, 9g net carbs or less, and 3g of sugar or less while keeping taste at the forefront.

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We use complete dairy-based protein for a full amino acid profile.


We create custom inclusions like chocolate flavored chips and cookie chunks in our snacks so that everything we add to our products fits within our overall nutritional standards.


We use FDA recognized fiber sources.

Helping Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of Americans. People with diabetes should work closely with their health care providers in selecting healthy diets. Many people with diabetes will try to avoid certain snacks containing refined carbohydrates and added sugars to help mitigate the potential for spikes in blood sugar levels. Quest foods and snacks have 9g net carbs or less and 3g of sugar or less, and use either zero- calorie or low-calorie sweeteners, which supports diabetic diets by not causing large spikes in blood sugar.

Always Limiting Sugar

Every Quest Protein Bar, Cookie, Treat or Snack Bar has 2g of sugar or less, and all of the fruits in our fruity bars are real. When making your next diabetic food grocery list, start by deciding which Quest snack you’re craving.

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The nutritional information presented on this website is for educational purposes only. If you suffer from diabetes, always seek guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have about what nutritional products are right for you.

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