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With a white chocolate protein coating, deliciously sweet and gooey blueberry flavored filling and the satisfying chewiness of a Beyond Cereal Bar at its core, the Blueberry Cobbler Hero Bar provides 17 grams of protein and weighs in at only 4g Net Carbs. If you're #OnAQuest to ditch junk food, this Hero will rescue from your sweet cravings.

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A sweet, white chocolate protein coating surrounds real almonds, gooey caramel, and a chewy Beyond Cereal Bar core – the Vanilla Caramel Hero Bar is a flavor that's anything but "vanilla". Fight the candy cravings with 16 grams of proteins and only 4g of Net Carbs and enjoy every bite along the way. If you're #OnAQuest to stop sweets in their tracks, this Hero is on your side.

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Caramel Pecan

With great taste comes great macros. If your flavor sense is tingling for a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar, the Chocolate Caramel Pecan Hero Bar is for you. It's covered in protein chocolate and covered in pecans, a gooey caramel filling and a Beyond Cereal Bar core. With 15 grams of protein and only 4g of Net Carbs, this Hero is #OnAQuest to help you put bad snacks behind bars.

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“[The Hero Bar] tastes like a chocolate coated, caramel filled candy bar but with the nutrition of a protein bar. Delish.”


"I can’t get enough of these new bars! Just when I thought the original Quest bar couldn’t be beat… YUM!!"


“[The Hero Bar] really tastes like a candy bar more than your average protein bar. How dope is that?!"

ALLULOSE All the taste and texture of
sugar without the negatives.

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ALLULOSE IN A NUTSHELL It tastes like sugar, it bakes like sugar, it has the same texture and mouthfeel of sugar.

WHY USE A NEW SWEETENER? There's no point in making nutritious foods if they aren't also delicious. We're constantly looking for new tools to help us make foods that feel like indulging even though they have a clean nutritional profile.

Where does Allulose
come from?
Allulose occurs in small quantities in nature, in things like maple syrup, figs, and raisins. It's only recently become available for use by food companies.

How many calories does Allulose have? Allulose only contributes 0.4 Calories per gram instead of the 4.0 Calories per gram contributed by table sugar. That's 1/10th the calories!

Why is it listed as a
The FDA requires Allulose to be listed in the sugars section on the nutrition facts panel even though it doesn't have the Calories of regular sugar.

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